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Preparing home

Before putting your home on the market, we want to ensure it is the most attractive to potential buyers. We will discuss minor repairs, staging, curb appeal tips, etc. We must encourage the potential buyers to visualize living in the home itself, not in Your home. Keep in mind The Three D’s :


When your agent tells you to declutter, remove personal taste items that may distract buyers from seeing the home as theirs. If you need to live in the house while it’s on the market, remove all unnecessary items: sell, donate or consider renting a storage unit. Rule of thumb is to remove 2/3's of items.
If you’ve already moved out, empty it completely and/or 
stage the property.


The importance of staging:


Staging is preparing your home for a potential buyer. Why is this important? Staging allows buyers to visualize the potential of the property. 82% of real estate agents that work with home buyers said that staging a home made it easier for the buyer to imagine the property as their future home. (National Association of Realtors)


What is a CMA and why do you need one?


Comparative Market Analysis. 

Why is this important? The CMA is the starting point to estimate the home's value price based on similar/recently sold properties in the immediate area. This will give the agent an idea of where to start in the current market conditions. Owners who are remolding/upgrading can benefit from a CMA, to determine if changes will improve the value of their properties.


Why hire me as your agent?

Great marketing sells homes. We know how frustrating it can be when you’ve put a lot of time, money, and energy into preparing your property for the market, and it doesn’t sell. We also understand how disruptive a delayed home sale can be to your life. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

mobile: 310-634-2808


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